SLP denies fostering family divisions

The ruling Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) has denied encouraging divisions within families.

The denial comes against the backdrop of the Francis brothers, Peterson and Hermangild, leaving the party to join the opposition.

In addition, the SLP’s Communications Director, Jadia Jn Pierre Emmanuel, has been criticized for what some feel were disrespectful comments in relation to her father, Francisco Jn Pierre.

The father is the opposition candidate for Laborie.

In relation to the Francis family, SLP General Secretary Leo Clarke, has observed that one brother, Claudius Francis, has remained with the labour party.

Clarke said he has been told that the parents have also stayed with the SLP.

“So I don’t know how we are encouraging any division in a family,” he explained.

With regard to Jadia and her father Francisco, Clarke said:

“I don’t know – I think one of these days the story is going to be told.”

He recalled that he got to know Jadia when she was a very enthusiastic political activist in the constituency of Vieux Fort North.

Clarke observed that she grew into one of the most successful press secretaries to the Prime Minister.

He said:

“Then the appearance of her father as a UWP candidate – I am not sure one can blame her, because I think her position predated him getting into candidacy for the UWP.”

Clarke noted that Jadia had clearly indicated what her position was when she worked with the SLP’s Vieux Fort North Candidate, chairing a lot of meetings in the 2011 campaign.

“I think this is where she would have come to the attention of the leadership of the SLP and I think the potential she showed then has propelled her into a very solid public speaker, into a solid press secretary to the PM and now as Communications Director she is doing a fantastic job,“the SLP General Secretary observed.

He expressed the view that Jadia has not veered away in any way from a political position that she openly displayed from the lead up to the 2011 elections.

“I think the person who has come along, who has decided to be a candidate for the UWP and who may be projecting some kind of division in her family is her father not her. She has not moved from her position where she was back then,” Clarke asserted.

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