UWP Chairman dismisses provocation claims

Opposition United Workers Party (UWP) Chairman, Guy Mayers, has dismissed assertions that the party is provoking the ruling Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP).

Mayers was responding to a statement from the SLP, expressing concern that the UWP was hosting a rally today, Sunday, May 22 in Anse Ger, Desruisseaux, while the ruling party is launching Herbert Roserie in Micoud.

In a statement, the SLP said it was an opportunity for its supporters to demonstrate maturity despite the “provocations” of the opposition.

UWP Chairman, Guy Mayers, told the Times that of the labour party felt there would be conflict, they should have cancelled their event.

He spoke as opposition supporters began arriving for the UWP event today.

uwp-crowdMayers recalled that during the last general elections both parties had events in Gros Islet and there was no issue.

“Why should there be an issue now?” The UWP Chairman asked.

He disclosed that the UWP always admonishes its supporters on proper behavior.

Mayers said UWP supporters are told that if a ruling party supporter jeers at them, they should leave them alone and go about their business.

“It is not the habit of UWP supporters to cause conflict,” the former National Security Minister asserted.

He revealed that when UWP supporters leave their event today, if the SLP function is still ongoing, they will not pass along the highway near the playing field where the SLP will be.

Mayers told the Times:

“We will have our people drive through Micoud just to ensure there is no conflict and not go where they have their rally.”

He said he saw no reason why the two cannot coexist.

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