King says he will not cross the floor!

Former Saint Lucia Prime Minister, Stephenson King, has declared that he is not about to cross the floor after the next elections.

“For those of you out there who are allowing yourself to be misled by the propaganda, when I make up my mind about something I stick to it and I keep my word when I give my word,” King told a United Workers Party (UWP) rally last night.

The Castries North MP said:

“When they tell you that, I want you to tell them that this King is not about to cross anywhere and if they don’t understand tell them this King is not for crossing.”

He asserted that the history of the UWP will show that throughout the years under the leadership of then Prime Minister, Sir John Compton, the party’s mission has always been to ensure a good standard of living and a better way of life.

“That has always been our mission. We have continued that under my leadership and no doubt under Allen Chastanet’s leadership we will continue that mission,” King stated.

The former Prime Minister who had distanced himself from the UWP after he was defeated for the party leadership by Chastanet, declared his support for and endorsement of his successor.

He told UWP supporters that there was one leader of the party.

“That one leader today is Allen Michael Chastanet,” King said.



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