Cletus Cyril: CSA elections tampered with

Cletus Cyril, the former President of the Saint Lucia Civil Service Association (CSA), has asserted that the trade union’s April, 2016 elections were tampered with.

At a news conference this afternoon, Cyril cited what he indicated were a number of irregularities, some of which he said were recorded on mobile telephone camera.

He stated that Sir Arthur Lewis Community College (SALCC) on the Morne was not informed or aware of a polling station to be placed at the institution.

The former CSA President told today’s news conference that the Manager of the LUCELEC Cul de Sac plant was also not aware of the CSA elections as it pertains to a polling station on the premises.

He said no provisions were made to accommodate the elections process.

Cletus Cyril noted that half an hour later they were allowed to set up inside the compound so that the voting process could take place.

Among the other issues the former CSA President raised was a report  that an election officer came outside the CSA auditorium, where it was observed that she gave the laptop computer used in the election process to a member of the union whom he identified by name.

Cyril said the CSA member was waiting in the balcony before the votes were tallied.

The former CSA President revealed that a photo was taken of the union member receiving the laptop computer, which was later returned.

Cyril also cited an indicident in which a member of the Save the Union team was observed telling members where to vote.

He indicated that in at least one instance a photograph of such an occurrence was taken.

Asked why the issues were being raised now, the former CSA president disclosed that it took time to gather the information.

“In order to do things right there is a process the trade union has to go through- there is a section in the constitution that indicates how you go about doing things of that nature,” he told the news conference.

Cyril said he was speaking to the media after writing to the Chairman of the Elections Commission, and citing the various issues for the body to investigate and clarify.

He stated that a response from the commission had to be awaited.

Cletus Cyril said:

“Up to today we have received no response from the Chairman of the Commission to this mishap. What I want to see happen is the membership to take control over that situation.”

He suggested that there was no desire to resolve the matter by means of the courts or the Labour Commissioner, since it was the union’s business.

“This is the union’s business so it is our members that have to come together and rectify the situation,” the former CSA president asserted.