Charlery meets constituency residents

Charlery meets constituency residents

The ruling party’s Castries North candidate, John Charlery, has suggested that he is not a Johnny-come-lately, asserting that the people of the constituency know him well.

“It is not to say that I am someone who has just appeared on the scene,” Charlery declared.

He made the remarks in an interview as he met residents of Forgotten Boundary, Odlum City, Morne du Don, Agard and surrounding areas.

The meeting was held last night at the Morne du Don primary school.

john-charery-2john-charlery-3“If you hear the people talk you will hear them say that they have seen me working and I have been there with them and stuff like that, so the people just want to make the opportunity so that I can deliver to them,” the SLP candidate explained.

He said the meeting was summoned to hear the concerns of the people of the constituency and what needs to be done the moment the ruling party is reelected.

Charlery asserted that the people appreciated direct answers.

“They don’t want any bluff, they want me to be straight with my answers,” he declared.

He disclosed that the biggest concern of the residents he met related to jobs, universal health care and when it will be implemented, roads, footpaths and drains.


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  1. Mamaiy Labahhhhhhhhhh
    May 25, 2016 at 1:42 pm Reply

    Choops tell charlery to have several seats!!!!!!!!! He should remember the petition he had going around to stop work carellie Park and carellie jazz…. stating at night the park can nest criminals…….. I am a strong slp supporter…. but my beloved pm u made the wrong choice!!!!!!!!!!!

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