John Charlery responds to protesters

John Charlery responds to protesters

John Charlery, the ruling party candidate for Castries North, has accused a small group of men in La Clery who mounted a placard-bearing protest against him of attempting to smear his campaign.

“The reason I am telling you that is that last Friday the MP for Castries North, his guys were putting posters in the Carilee, Case Gardens and Yorke Hill area and actually they removed all my posters. They even took some of his posters and put above mine when mine were already there,” Charlery told the Times.

The SLP candidate however disclosed that the MP, Stephenson King, called to make an apology.

Charlery said of the discussion with King:

“I told him if you want the gloves off it could be off, but I think I want to run a clean campaign and this is what I want to do and I think you should run a clean campaign and speak to your guys and tell them do not interfere with my paraphernalia, because I am not interfering with yours and that was okay between him and myself.”

With reference to this week’s placard bearing protest against him in which the protestors complained about not being given jobs and money, Charlery declared that he is not the MP for the constituency.

“I am just a candidate presently; it is not to say that I am the member who is supposed to give. But the little that I can do from my own pocket I do it. So I don’t see why they have placards and they want jobs,” he explained.


With reference to the protesters, Charlery said that at one time they require jobs, another time they complain that he is not giving them money, and on other occasions they want contracts.

He asserted that he really did not know what the protesters were talking about.

Charlery expressed the view that if someone had to give the protesters work, it would be the current MP for the constituency.

But the SLP candidate observed that the MP has disappeared for four and a half years and returned one month before elections.

Charlery stated that the current MP is supposed to be looking after the people.

He observed that as a candidate, he has been doing whatever he can, which may not be enough.

Charlery said his party stands on principle.

“I am not the MP so they will not do things for me because I am not the member,” he disclosed.

He said that Stephenson King is the MP, the one getting all the “perks”.

“He is the one who is supposed to be taking care of the constituency – not me,” Charlery explained.

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  1. You paire
    May 25, 2016 at 12:05 pm Reply

    Well said charlery. You will rise

  2. concern
    May 25, 2016 at 1:15 pm Reply

    Bravo bravo they need money to smoke n buy drugs where is king their PR to help them they wre paid to do that they see they are runing out time so they must cause trouble

  3. hhhmmm
    May 25, 2016 at 7:31 pm Reply

    You not the one to give jobs? Like we asking for hand outs?
    What difference does it make which flag was placed first?
    The candidate was not around?
    I know I have seen him around right through.
    If the fellas have no jobs what do you expect? Not seat together and talk(what Eva)? Step and pride is for one set of people all year round. What about the others? Charlery you will not notice the ghetto fellas because you believe you all up there. Because somebody smoke a lil
    weed they’re spoilt. Do you even know the struggle?

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