I stand & support Jeannine Compton

As an individual who has supported a number of victims of sexual violence, I see how traumatic it can be for them to be confronted, victimized, bullied and vilified by victim blaming trolls on social media, particularly women and those who are offended by the timing of her allegation. Victims struggle to find the space they need to rebuild their lives if they are constantly subjected to abuse or intimidation by their peers.

Statistics obtained from the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force indicates that out of one hundred and sixty one (161) cases of rape and attempted rape, reported from 2013-2015 only fifteen (15) proved false.

“Services for Survivors of Sexual Assault in St. Lucia” a research paper by Professor Lori K. Sudderth, Ph.D. Quinnipiac University, October 3, 2013 speaks on the ingrained culture of victim blaming and recommended public education by social services agencies and women rights groups to educate the public on this very dangerous trend.

We call on both Political Parties to strongly condemn this extremely dangerous and demeaning practice of re-victimizing and bullying of victims of sexual violence by their supporters and further that the women of the UWP and the SLP stand with Jeannine Compton at this time.

I offer Jeannine Compton every support in this very traumatic situation.

By: Catherine Sealys