SLP tells opposition: Bring it on!

The Saint Lucia Labour Party has full confidence in the authenticity of this recording, which as many Saint Lucians have heard in the last few days sets out Stephenson King’s unvarnished views on VAT and the leader of the UWP. The veracity of the audio clip and its contents have been confirmed by those closest to the matter.

The fact of the matter is that Stephenson King is right in the recordings. Allen Chastanet has not been honest about how he plans to pay for his Donald Trump-like tax cuts. Does he plan on firing teachers? Does he plan on cutting the salaries of police officers? How many people will he fire? How many pensions will he cut? Or, as Stephenson King suggests, what other taxes does he plan to cut?

Allen Chastanet’s promises are indeed madness. Any school child will tell you that they just don’t add up. He is hiding his real plans and it’s time for Allen Chastanet to come clean.

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