Stephenson King to take legal action

Former Prime Minister, Stephenson King, has sought legal advice about an advertisement being aired by local media houses,  a statement from the opposition United Workers Party (UWP) has said.

According to the UWP statement, the advertisement purports to be a taped conversation of King’s voice.

“My fellow Saint Lucians, today is a sad day in the history of the politics of our beautiful Saint Lucia. The Labour Party has sunk to an all-time low. An event has occurred which proves how desperate the labour party is to hold onto the reins of power, seemingly against the mounting will of the people,” King said.

He observed that on the eve of a most important general election at a critical time in Saint Lucia’s history, a tape has surfaced claiming to be a recording of him.

The Castries North MP has said emphatically that the recording is not of him.

“Accordingly I have sought legal advice and have handed the matter over to my Solicitors who will be taking necessary steps to vindicate me in this matter. This will would include criminal proceedings and injunctions, as they have advised,” King explained.