Timothy Mangal denies making deal with UWP

Timothy Mangal,  a former Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) candidate, has denied making a deal with the opposition United Workers Party (UWP), to be Housing Minister in a UWP administration.

“I have made no deal with the UWP,” Mangal asserted at a news conference today where he appeared with the man to whom he lost in the 2011 elections, Guy Joseph.

Mangal said he was responding to assertions being made by the ruling SLP.

The businessman who made his first appearance on a UWP political platform recently blasting his former party, revealed that the opposition did not ask him to appear.

“I did so voluntarily in the interest on my country,” the former SLP supporter declared, adding that he believes that Saint Lucia needs to be rescued from the labour party.

Mangal asserted that he is a successful businessman, looking for no job from anyone.

He responded to what he said were statements made by Minister of Infrastructure, Port Services and Transport, Philip J. Pierre.

Mangal said Pierre had accused him of sour grapes syndrome and asking for contracts from the Ministry.

He stated:

“I am here to indicate that Mr. Pierre said a boldfaced lie. When I was requested by the technical staff of his ministry to tender for the Canaries project I did so. But I know what happens in the tendering process – there is a chance of you winning or losing; so when I heard nothing after the tender I simply left it at that.”

Mangal told today’s news conference that he has never been to Pierre’s office requesting any contract.

He explained that when he did not receive the contract, he never went to the Minister’s office making any comments or asking why.

The former SLP candidate recalled that from 2006 to 2011, his company received many contracts from the then UWP administration.

“If I was greedy as Mr. Pierre is trying to allude, I would have supported the UWP in 2011. Instead I was a candidate for the SLP and for me Timothy Mangal, it has always been about the interest of my country,” he stated.