Cops to challenge unlawful killing ruling

A challenge will be mounted to the recent verdict by a Coroner’s Inquest, that three men who were fatally shot by the police were unlawfully killed.

Jn Baptiste Mc Farlene, Mitchel Cadette and Allan Lenny Louisy were among five men who died in May, 2011, during a police operation in Vieux Fort.

The shootings took place during the controversial police campaign against crime dubbed – Operation Restore Confidence.

The President of the Police Welfare Association (PWA), Camron Laure, told the Times that the police officers involved had already expressed their discomfort with the manner in which the inquest was held.

Laure said he was aware that the officers had written to the Coroner indicating that they were of the opinion that they would not get a fair hearing.

He  revealed that their opinion was based on pronouncements made by Prime Minister Doctor Kenny Anthony, utterances on the political platform and reports in the media.

He said:

“But it has gone through – the verdict is in. The guys are not comfortable with the conduct of the inquest and their intentions are to challenge the conduct of the inquest and the verdict sometime in the very near future.”

According to Laure, documents have already been filed in the High Court.

He disclosed that the Police Welfare Association met the officers even before and indicated its support.

“We are going to continue to support them as far as they remain officers and have not been found guilty,” the PWA President declared.

Outspoken Human Rights Activist and Attorney at Law, Mary Francis, has welcomed the verdict of the Coroner’s Inquest.

She told the Times that it paved the way for approach to the High Court for compensation for the surviving relatives of the victims.

She is representing the family of one of the three men whom the inquest ruled was unlawfully killed.

Francis had also told the Times that criminal proceedings should be brought against the officers who have been implicated in the slayings of the so-called “Vieux Fort Five.”

In addition to a verdict of unlawful killing in relation to three of the men, the inquest returned verdicts of death by misadventure and an open verdict in the case of the two others.


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