Police: No knowledge of election arrest

The Commander of the Southern Division of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF), Moses James, has told the Times that he has no knowledge of an election arrest in the division.

James was responding to a report  that an individual was arrested for possession of extra ballot papers.

The claim made by a caller to the Radio Caribbean International (RCI) call in programme, Newsspin, earlier today.

The caller, who was identified as former United Workers Party (UWP) MP Desmond Brathwaite, said that the arrest occurred in Vieux Fort South.

It was not the only report of alleged election related incidents.

Earlier in the day incumbent Soufriere MP, Harold Dalsan, had claimed on HTS Television that members of the UWP were going about “dishing out money” in the constituency.

Dalson said that a young man with a lot of money in his pocket had been accosted on Market Street.

“We know he had the money in his pocket because in a very surreptitious way we touched him and we felt what we believe is a lot of money,” he told HTS Television, adding that people in the neighbourhood had said that individuals were being paid.

Dalsan asserted that according to residents, there was a type of “syndicate” operating that would pay individuals after they voted.

He disclosed that he had occasion to call the police twice.

According to Dalsan, he was unperturbed because all the votes cannot be bought.

He expressed confidence that he has a huge margin in the constituency.

“All that would do is narrow my margin,” Dalsan declared.



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