Chastanet “upset” despite election win

Prime Minister-elect, Allen Chastanet, has declared that he is still “upset” despite his election win.

Chastanet was responding to a question posed by television Journalist, Timothy Poleon, last night.

The Prime Minister designate had popularized the kweyol phrase “mwen fache” (I am angry), during the general election campaign.

Asked whether he still felt that way after his United Workers Party (UWP) won eleven of the seventeen seats at stake in the poll according to preliminary results, Chastanet replied in the affirmative.

He said:

“I am still very ‘fache’, because there are too many people in our country who are suffering.”

Chastanet cited high unemployment and the fact that people are struggling to put food on the table as being among the reasons why one has to remain upset and take the matters very seriously.

Asked about fulfilling the many promises made to the electorate, he asserted that the UWP is very motivated by what people in this country are going through.

“The opportunity to go into people’s homes to see how they are living, what they are being confronted with, that motivates me and that motivates all of us and we intend to stay very much grounded as a government and we are going to be able to move very quickly;so health care, education and housing are going to be priority for us in terms of bringing some relief to the people of Saint Lucia,” Chastanet declared.

He expressed gratitude to the public for their “incredible” support and enthusiasm.

“We are going to be working together,” the UWP leader said.

He also disclosed that former Prime Minister, Stephenson King, whom he had deposed as UWP leader, will be playing a significant role in the new administration.

Relations between the two men had become strained after King lost the UWP leadership race in 2013.

However Chastanet, while admitting that he and his predecessor as UWP leader had had some differences, explained that they were able to sit down and work them out.

He said he and King have a good relationship.

“We are now committed to the same cause and we are looking forward to moving forward very quickly,” he said.

Chastanet said he was disappointed that there were no international observers for the Saint Lucia general elections, a situation which he revealed that his administration would rectify in the future.

He expressed the view that from all indications, the poll was peaceful and free.

But Chastanet felt that no government should have the option of not inviting election observers.

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