Police clear the air on election incident

Police have been clearing the air on reports that someone was arrested in Vieux Fort on election day, for being in possession of ballot papers.

A Police source told the Times that the incident occurred near the Vieux Fort primary school.

The source said the Police had received a report that persons were attempting to influence others how to vote.

According to information obtained by the Times, law enforcers responded and saw a man handing a note to a woman.

The woman was identified as an agent of the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP), the Times source said.

The source disclosed that both were arrested.

It was revealed that the note contained two names.

The source said when the woman was questioned, she explained that the man had given her the note and told her to inform the persons whose names were on it to vote in a particular way.

However, it is reported that the man denied it.

Both were detained and subsequently released after being evicted from the area with orders not to return, it is reported.