SLP vows to bounce back after defeat

The opposition Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) has said that it will bounce back despite its 11 to 6 defeat at the June 6, 2016 general elections.

Party General Secretary, Leo Clarke, told reporters that the SLP has suffered defeat before and has the propensity to recover.

“I have no doubt that after this defeat the SLP will again reorganize itself and continue to offer a credible slate to the people of this country that includes good leadership material,” Clarke told reporters.

He stated that the SLP respects the will of the people.

But Clarke described the election promises of the ruling United Workers Party (UWP) as a lot of fiction.

The SLP General Secretary asserted that the people bought some of what was sold to them by the UWP in relation to the removal of VAT, the reduction in property tax and other promises.

“We believe that a lot of those things will not easily become reality, but for the benefit of the country we hope for the best,” he said.

 SLP leader, Doctor Kenny Anthony announced after his party’s election defeat that he would not continue at the helm of the political group.

Anthony, who was reelected as MP for Vieux Fort South with a relatively small majority, also indicated that he would not lead the opposition.

Clarke explained that the SLP constitution dictates that after the formal resignation of the political leader is received, within seven days a national council meeting will be held.

The meeting will endorse the first deputy political leader, Philip J. Pierre, to act in the position of leader until the next party convention, the SLP General Secretary stated.

Clarke said the normal date of the convention would be October-November, where there would be an open election for the post of political leader of the SLP.

He expressed the belief that the SLP took the country out of a very dire set of circumstances in 2011 and brought to a place in 2016 where it was poised under proper management, to usher in a new period of growth and prosperity in this country.

“We hope that the current administration does not squander that opportunity,” Clarke said.