By-election in Vieux Fort South?

The possibility of a by-election in Vieux Fort South has been raised by former Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) candidate, Timothy Mangal.

Mangal spoke against the backdrop of the decision by Vieux Fort South MP, Doctor Kenny Anthony, to formally resign as leader of the SLP.

Anthony tendered his resignation today, according to well informed Times sources

The former Prime Minister had promised to do so shortly after his party lost the June 6, 2016 general elections.

He has also indicated that he does not intend to be leader of the opposition.

Mangal, who withdrew his support for the labour party in favour of the then opposition United Workers Party (UWP) which won the elections, told the Times that if Anthony remains as simply an MP, that would be interesting.

He disclosed that the decision makers in the SLP number about five individuals or a little more.

Mangal told the Times the small group makes decisions in the party which are communicated to the others.

“It would be interesting to see whether Doctor Anthony would be among those decision makers,” the former SLP candidate stated.

Mangal was of the opinion that there is a possibility of a by-election in Vieux Fort South.

He did not see Anthony adequately fulfilling the role of being just an MP.

“He is probably more appropriate in taking that leadership role which he is accustomed to and making those decisions,”Mangal asserted.

He expressed the view that it could be very frustrating for the former Prime Minister, who would now have to change his modus operandi very quickly and assume a “humble” role.

Mangal told the Times that it would probably be difficult for Anthony.

“That is why I said if he is frustrated with that role and obviously having to face the government parliamentarians in the house, it might be a very difficult role for him to play just being the MP for Vieux Fort South, so it is quite possible during the five year period there could be a by-election, ” the former SLP candidate told the Times.

As an SLP candidate, Mangal, a businessman, lost a 2011 bid to capture the Castries South East seat from the UWP’s Guy Joseph.

Before the last elections, both men appeared together at a news conference where Mangal denied making any deal with the UWP.

He said than that he had voluntarily switched his support to the UWP, in the interest of  his country.










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