UWP says election victory no surprise

The  election victory of the United Workers Party (UWP) at the recent polls came as no surprise, party General Secretary, Oswald Augustin has said.

“When you have a government that does not keep Saint Lucians informed about the issues and certain things taking place in Saint Lucia, it is likely that the government will lose,” Augustin asserted.

Questioned on whether the vote was more against former Prime Minister, Doctor Kenny Anthony, than the labour party, the UWP official declared that Anthony was more or less, the labour party.

“It is like the United Workers Party – if anything goes wrong, it is the leader who is going to take the flak,” Augustin remarked.

He said if things are going wrong in a labour government it should be expected that the leader would be blamed.

“It is always the leader who is blamed when anything happens in the party,” Augustin said.

Responding to allegations of vote buying by both main parties during the June 6, 2016 elections, the UWP General Secretary declared that everyone knows that it was the labour party which had all the money, commencing projects on the eve of the elections.

He claimed that individuals were cutting grass for three hundred dollars a day.

“They were the ones with the money, not out party,” Augustin said.

He stated:

“But just like Trinidad and Saint Kitts, people took their money and voted them out.”

The UWP’s election victory at the June 6, 2016 polls was by a margin of 11-6.

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