Writer defends “snipe” post on Facebook

The writer of a Facebook post that was taken as a threat against then Prime Minister, Doctor Kenny Anthony, has defended the post.

Saint Lucia Police, shortly after the posting, had announced that there would be an investigation.

In the message, which was posted the day before the last elections,   the writer had asserted that if the labour party won, which it would not, she would be alive to see a Prime Minister get “sniped.”

However the writer, who goes by a female name, has said that the comments regarding Doctor Kenny Anthony and Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) candidate, Ernest Hilaire were malignantly and maliciously misconstrued to suggest that they were treasonous.


“I Kisha Joseph, categorically declare that neither my posts or intention were delivered as a result of ill-intended motives,“ the writer declared in an additional post shortly after the first one that attracted the attention of the police.

The post referenced the second google definition of snipe, which is to make a sly or petty verbal attack.

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