UWI Lecturer calls for more women in politics

UWI Lecturer, Doctor Gabrielle Hosein, has described as “excellent”, the increase in the number of women contesting and winning elections here.

A record number of females participated in the June 6, 2016 general elections.

However Hosein feels that the numbers as they currently stand are not enough.

She delivered a lecture here last night on the subject: “Women, Politics and Transformational Leadership.”

In an interview after the lecture, Hosein said:

“I think it is worth asking for example, men in Saint Lucia if they will be happy for all of Saint Lucian history being less than thirty percent of those in the house of parliament for all of their lives – for generations and if they are not happy with being thirty percent or less, than clearly the numbers of  women while increasing and worth applauding, are not enough.”

The UWI Lecturer said she wanted to encourage the new government and all political parties to take the numbers further.

She asserted that the increased numbers should be reflected in legislative changes, state boards and parliamentary committees.

Hosein believed that increased numbers of women should also be reflected in budgetary decisions and policies.

She expressed the view that in that way, the way that notions of manhood and womanhood are defined and come to affect lives can be rethought and differently institutionalized.

The UWI, St. Augustine Campus Lecturer, explained that this would create the conditions for true, full and shared emancipation.

She declared that women need to be leaders and change agents at all levels of society.

But Hosein observed that the women also need male allies to be at the forefront of feminist politics with them.




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  1. Anonymous
    March 29, 2017 at 2:40 pm

    More feminism yes. Real women not women who think they have to and act like men in order to succeed.

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