Young Artist Gets a big Break

As he embarks on his new journey in his musical career, Saveion, one of St. Lucia’s most talented song writers and artist has shared his soulful voice with the world, releasing not 1 but 3 carnival mega hits for St. Lucia carnival 2016. His latest release Legendary is said to be explosive; one of international quality, both in writing and production.

The young artist knew that if he was ever going to stamp his mark in the music industry it would require him to work hard and work smart. Teaming up with new management and a solid support team, it was recommended that Saveion try something new and by that it meant singing someone else’s pieces. A number of demos had been brought to the table but only one had the sound and flare to suit his personality- Legendary.

Legendary made the final pick, and with constant back and forth conversations behind the scenes, the young artist would become  a legend overnight.  One the day of his 26th birthday Saveion releases his groovy monster track for Saint Lucia carnival 2016- LEGENDARY. Produced & written by system 32 out of Trinidad and Tobago