Immigration Department concerned about lost passport reports

The Immigration Department has reported receiving a number of reports of lost Saint Lucian passports.

Inspector Lucius Lake of the Immigration Department has disclosed that while some reports are genuine, others are not.

Speaking on the MBC Television programme – Police Insight, last night, Lake said that lost passports are reported to Interpol.

Interpol is the world’s largest international police organization.

It has 190 member countries.

Lake explained that when the Immigration Department here reports the lost passport to Interpol, if the document is used by a traveler anywhere in the world, that person will be detained and questioned.

He said once someone reports that a passport is lost, the report is logged into the system at the Immigration Department.

Lake indicated that in some instances, a person may find the lost document after a while and decide to travel with it.

However the Immigration Department official stated that such a person will be detained at border points.

“Let us know you have found the passport,” he said.

He asserted that in some instances passport holders may have been deported from a country, overstayed their time, or are trying to hide their travel history by reporting that their travel document is lost.

But Lake said that the Immigration Department has ways of knowing someone’s travel history.

He disclosed that the department is aware of instances where passports have become damaged by being inadvertently put in washing machines.

Lake also said the travel documents have sometimes become wet in the rain while being in someone’s pocket or handbag.

He called on passport holders to ensure that their travel document is protected.



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