Minister apologizes over DPP misinformation

Justice Minister, Hermangild Francis, has said that he may have misspoken in an interview relating to an appointment in the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP).

It has been reported that Stephen Brette was appointed to act as DPP.

However, Francis said the information was not correct.

“I just want to correct the information given, to say that Stephen Brette was appointed Deputy DPP,” the Minister said.

Francis, who is also Minister of Home Affairs and National Security, said that he accepted blame for the misinformation.

He explained that Brette was appointed Deputy DPP on a three year contract with effect from June 1, 2016, by the Judicial and Legal Services Commission and not by the government.

“I want to correct that and apologize to the Judicial and Legal Services Commission for potentially compromising the integrity of the process of appointment of a DPP, which is still a matter that is pending,” Francis stated.

He said although a deputy DPP is now in place, a DPP still has to be appointed.

Victoria Charles-Clarke retired as DPP in November, leaving in question the future of action on the IMPACS report.

The report was compiled by a team of Jamaican investigators who conducted a probe into alleged extra judicial killings by the police here between 2010 and 2011.

Hermangild Francis has said that he is yet to see a copy of the report.

However he asserted that the government is “duty bound” based on what it has said, to look into the report and deal with it.

The Minister disclosed that he has been asking questions to obtain the report and felt that perhaps by weekend he will obtain a copy of the document.

While in opposition, the United Workers Party (UWP), had promised that within the first one hundred days of being in office, it would announce the terms of reference of an independent tribunal to deal with the IMPACS matter.


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