PRESS RELEASE:-Today’s families and communities are forced to contend with numerous challenges. These comprise but are not limited to economic hardships, social discord, leadership crisis and absence of positive role models, lawlessness, hopelessness, drug abuse and child abuse among other social ills.

In advancing its role of providing hope and direction to God’s people, the Micoud Ebenezer Seventh Day Adventists Church will be embarking on a spiritual campaign in the form of a Crusade within the community of Dugard, Quarter of Micoud. This spiritual campaign under the title: Good News Deliverance Crusade will be conducted over a four (4) week period – 26th June to 23rd July, 2016. The crusade venue will be the erected tent next to the Dugard Community Centre.

The Preacher for the Good News Deliverance Crusade will be God’s ordained Minister in the person of Elder Raphael Francis. The Preacher of thirty (30) years’ experience will navigate through a menu of intriguing and exciting topics relevant to today’s realities and challenges. The topics to be addressed during the first week of the crusade comprise the following:

  • The sweet little book.
  • How happy was man?
  • SLP, UWP, PPP; Which P – UP.
  • Baby will you Mary Me?
  • She Say, He Say, They Say – What was said?

The crusade will continue a dynamic discourse over the remaining weeks in response to the emerging issues and under the direction of the Holy Spirit. Good News Deliverance Crusade promises to provide timely messages and answers to confront today’s troubling issues and problems. The Preacher along with the Micoud Ebenezer SDA invites all residents of Dugard and surrounding communities to attend and receive an abundance of blessings through the word of GOD. Real deliverance through Christ.