Green Party wants regional response to Venezuela crisis

The Lucian Green Party has called for regional response to the crisis in Venezuela.

Lucian Green Party leader, Andre ‘Pancho’ Decaires, told the Times that such a response would be appropriate for countries of the Caribbean.

Decaires said he understood the initiative by deceased Venezuelan President, Hugo Chavez, to effect social reconstruction in his country and empower the poor.

“Unfortunately the experiment did not work,” the Lucian Green Party leader asserted.

He observed that the price of oil, which he said was keeping the ‘Chavista’ initiative afloat, has fallen under Chavez successor, Nicolas Maduro.

“Right now it seems that the situation is above the head of Maduro and his administration,” Decaires declared.

Once the most prosperous country in Latin America, Venezuela has become a place enduring a massive economic crisis.

The crisis has sparked food riots in the streets.

People wait throughout the night to get their hands on basic food items.

There are also reports of shortages of medicines at hospitals, resulting in the death of patients.

Just this week, the Ministry of Education here announced that the government brought 22 medical students home.

The local students, who were studying in Venezuela, came back home shortly before the June 6, 2016 elections here.

Amid the crisis, there have been concerns that the Caribbean should brace for an influx of refugees fleeing the Spanish-speaking country.

However Andre Decaires does not believe that a Venezuela refugee problem should be a major concern for Saint Lucia.

He expressed the view that Venezuelans fleeing their country will head for larger countries of the region like Trinidad and Tobago.

The twin Island republic’s National Security Minister has already warned that his country should brace for a refugee influx.

In the meantime, two Venezuelan aircraft landed at Piarco International airport early yesterday to collect food and other supplies needed by the South American country.

The head of the Organization of American States (OAS), of which Saint Lucia is a member, has urged member countries to support efforts in Venezuela to hold a referendum on removing President Nicolas Maduro from office.

At a special meeting of its Permanent Council on the political and economic crisis in oil-rich but beleaguered Venezuela, OAS secretary general Luis Almagro said the country is in the midst of a “grave disruption of constitutional order.”

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