National Equine Welfare and Sporting Association to Culture Positive Development of Auspicious Equine Horse

The National Equine Welfare and Sporting Association was conceptualized in February of 2012. However, the amalgamation of enthusiasts and key stake holders, geared to its formation, took slightly in excess of fourteen (14) months. The Association’s Primary mandate is to culture positive development of the auspicious Equine (horse) industry in our fair Helen, St. Lucia.

The association is now driven and supported by well over 750 St. Lucians, 80 percent of whom are youth, who desire to see the industry develop to a more sustainable condition. As of today, several clubs now also exist, inclusive of The Jockey Club Chaired by Mr. Jalani Frankiln of La Clery. The Farriers Club Chaired by Mr. Josh De Fraites, The Trainers Club, chaired by Mr. Tyran Paul of Caye Mange’ and the Endurance Riders Club Chaired by Mr. Kemran Clarke of Roseau.

Several fore-fathers of today’s equestrians relentlessly strived for the acquisition of land space which would provide avid equestrians of different disciplines the ability to nurture and showcase their passion and talents. Today, now elderly, they sulk, exhausted and saturated with disappointment felt from decades of futile efforts.

However, the Association remains hopeful that the Government of St. Lucia can work with them to foster an environment which promotes a reduction in the gap currently existing between local and international standards.