No resolution for LIAT workers?

Antigua Observer:-Chairman of Leeward Islands Airline Pilots Association (LIALPA) Patterson Thompson said that LIAT employees’ concerns remain outstanding because management has failed to bring anything new to the table.

This revelation was made yesterday on OBSERVER AM after he attended a recent meeting with LIAT officials.

“I don’t think they have put anything different or new (on the table) when it comes to the issues we have been fighting. I’m still yet to get a pay package for the ATR aircraft, three years into operating the aircraft that’s heavier than the Dash-8,” he said.

“We agreed in arbitration to cap the weight of the aircraft at 43,000 pounds so I’m flying an aircraft which is 18 per cent heavier, it carries between 30 and 40 per cent more passengers but I’m still being paid to fly the aircraft at a lower rate.”

According to Thompson, other unresolved issues are related to wages and salaries where some workers haven’t received an increase in eight years.

“We haven’t had an increase since 2011. Some of the other workers in LIAT haven’t had an increase since 2008, and we’re finding these issues are dragging on, and there isn’t a real reasonable approach to try and solve them.

“As chairman of LIALPA, I’ve written at least six different salary proposals to LIAT, so I’ve changed and adjusted six times, where the company has only adjusted once. We don’t think it’s a reasonable approach,” Thompson said.

The LIALPA boss was quick to disclose low morale among workers is a cause for concern especially with the pilots.