Rivas hopes cabinet ministers will have a ‘Catholic’ conscience

Archbishop Robert Rivas, observing that the majority of members of the new cabinet of ministers are Catholics, has expressed the hope that they will have a ’Catholic’ conscience.

Rivas said he hoped they would read up on Catholic social teachings, so that they would be able to act accordingly.

“That is something I would like to advocate for our present leaders,” Archbishop Robert Rivas disclosed.

He expressed the hope that the members of the new administration would implement the best social teachings that have been tested and are available, to facilitate good governance and leadership of this country.

The head of the local Catholic has said that in due course, he is hoping that a meeting can be arranged between himself, members of his clergy and some cabinet members.

Rivas stated that the clergy want to be partners and collaborators in a movement for the development and progress of this country.

“Governance comes from God and therefore we are Stewards responsible for what is entrusted to us – the leadership that is entrusted to us,” he explained.

Rivas quoted Jesus Christ as saying that he came not to be served but to serve and to give his life as a ransom for many.

“That definitely does not talk about arrogance or power,” he declared.

Rivas said Jesus way was ‘servant leadership’ – humble emptying of self in the service of others.

“He said this has to be the job description of his followers,” he observed.

Rivas disclosed that he would expect the same from any good leader in this country whether the person is a civil or religious leader.








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