Bousquet: Too early to criticize new government

Rufus Bousquet, Saint Lucia’s former Foreign Minister, has urged the country to move on and support the new government.

Bousquet told the Times that elections are over.

“Let us give the government an opportunity to do what it has to do,” he asserted.

The former Foreign Minister had been an outspoken critic of current Prime Minister, Allen Chastanet, prior to the June 6, 2016 general elections.

He had told the Times  in March this year, that the United Workers Party (UWP) slate of candidates was looking barren, weak and bereft of quality.

Bousquet had asserted that the most important qualities for candidate selection in the then opposition UWP was love, devotion and absolute submission to Chastanet.

However he told the Times that he was not surprised that the UWP won the elections.

“I am not surprised at all – I think there was a great deal of agitation in the country with respect to the current state of affairs,” Bousquet stated.

He explained that what was surprising was the substantial margin of the UWP victory in some constituencies.

Bousquet declared that Allen Chastanet is currently the Prime Minister of every Saint Lucian.

“We have to hope that everything works. We have to wish him well and we have to wish the country well,” Bousquet asserted.

He recalled having expressed the hope that the then Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) government would succeed, when the SLP won the previous elections.

“People don’t seem to understand that if the government does not succeed, the country does not succeed and we don’t succeed, so at the end of the day you have to support the government,” Bousquet declared.

He explained that it was too early to criticize the new administration.

Nevertheless the former Foreign Minister noted that at some point in time criticism will be necessary if things are not going the way that they should.