IMPACS: Bousquet says Saint Lucia’s friends have to be satisfied

IMPACS: Bousquet says Saint Lucia’s friends have to be satisfied

It is important for Saint Lucia to resolve the IMPACS matter, in order to satisfy the concerns of this country’s international friends, former Foreign Minister, Rufus Bousquet, has told the Times.

Bousquet specifically mentioned the United States and the European Union.

“I think there is need to satisfy them more than the public because I think people are fairly set in mind as to what their personal feelings are on this,” Bousquet asserted.

He said he has not seen the IMPACS report which was compiled by Jamaican investigators probing allegations of extra judicial killings by local police.

“I hear that there are certain leaked copies out there, but I have not had the privilege of reading the report,” the former Foreign Minister disclosed.

He said he would very much like to see what the document contains.

Bousquet was of the opinion that given the level of international attention the issue attracted and the negativity associated with it, it was important to deal with the IMPACS matter.

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