Associate membership of EU suggested for Caribbean Islands

Former Saint Lucia Foreign Minister, Rufus Bousquet, has suggested that some Caribbean Islands could seek associate membership of the European Union.

“I have never been averse to the idea of certain Islands, regions or grouping getting together and trying to become associate members,” Bousquet told the Times.

Bousquet declared that he did not think the idea is far fetched.

He made the comments in relation to the ‘Brexit’ vote and the way the Caribbean can respond.

According to Bousquet, the time is long overdue for Caribbean countries to do more thinking “out of the box.”

He suggested that part of the negotiations could involve access to money that the European Central bank is disbursing to support the European Economy.

Bousquet admitted that he did not know all the nuances of putting such a proposal on the table.

“We are already able to travel and I think the Europeans are not entirely indisposed to helping regions such as this,” Bousquet told the Times.