Outgoing Judge urges message of deterrence

Outgoing Judge, Albert Redhead, has asserted that a message of deterrence has to be sent to criminals.

Quoted in an exclusive interview with the Antigua Observer, Redhead revealed that he was aware of criticism of his sternness.

He said he had heard that inmates were scared of him.

According to Redhead, there was rejoicing in prison when it was heard that he was leaving the judiciary.

However the outgoing Judge declared that there were certain offences that he abhors.

He mentioned among them, rape, having sexual intercourse with a child and incest.

“A woman has a constitutional right to protection, that her body would not be violated. Even society does not understand it,” Redhead observed.

The Judge explained that he looks at the deterrent effect in his sentencing.

He stated that lots of people have said that he is harsh.

But he asserted that if by his sentencing he has prevented one person from committing an offence, he would not have acted badly.

Justice Redhead said the most difficult aspect of his duty as a judge was sentencing.

He observed that one has to take into consideration not only the accused person, but the victim and society.

The 74-year-old adjudicator is hanging up his judicial gown after spending more than 31 years on the bench.

He spoke with the Antigua Observer ahead of his final case.

Justice Rehhead started his career in Antigua.

He said he would like more training for judges who operate in the High Court across the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States and under the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court.

” We do have conferences every year, but judges should be subjected to more training. It is currently done on an ad hoc basis so I’d like to see something more,” he  was quoted as saying.

He also expressed concern about the backlog of cases in Antigua, asserting the justice delayed is justice denied.