Vehicle capsizes on highway

A  vehicle  accident  occurred  on  the  Castries-Gros Islet  Highway  at  about  2:10  pm  this  afternoon (July  4, 2016)  on  the  dual  carriageway  near  Sandals  Halcyon.

Apparently  a blue  car  travelling  towards  Castries  clipped  one  or  two  vehicles  on  the  southbound  lane  and  then  capsized  over  the   median  barrier  into  the  opposite northbound  lane.

capzized-vehicle-3 The  driver  of  the  capsized  vehicle  seemed  to  have  escaped  with  minor  injuries.

There was  a  traffic jam  in  both  directions  with  police  and  the  ambulance  service on the scene shortly after the incident..