Lionistic year ends with positive growth

PRESS RELEASE:-On Friday July 01, 2016 the Lions Club of Castries joined with the Leos to mark their 49th Charter Anniversary and to install the new Board of Directors who will lead the charge for the Lionistic year 2016-2017.   Lion Lydia Elliott will lead the charge for the Castries Lions while Leo Omar Celestin  will continue to serve for a second terms.   This, the Leos thought was a wise decision as it will allow him to not only grow but hone his leadership skills.

During the last Lionistic year July 1st 2015 – June 30th, 2016 the Lions and Leos we engaged in  community service activities  covering the various areas of focus highlighted by the District Governor and Lions International in the Centennial Service Challenge – Relieving the Hungry, Engaging the Youth, Protecting the Environment and Sharing the Vision.   In addition to the monthly feeding of the destitute by clubs, some other significant projects included.  

1 Kids-in-Sight which is an annual joint project with the Saint Lucia Blind Welfare Association the Lions of Saint Lucia and the Lions of West Virginia.  This year the team saw the culmination of the electronic vision screening   project.  This project enabled the nurses at the Health Centres to conduct vision screening using tablets.

 The information was fed directly into the database at the Saint Lucia Blind Welfare Association, and was used by the Doctors during their visits.

2 Again the Lions of Castries partnered with Courts Unicomer in staging the annual OECS Reading competition.  As is customary the Club provided book packages for the participants.

In observance of Breast Cancer Awareness month the clubs joined with Super J Supermarkets in staging the Super J Yoplait walk. Our role entailed education and advocacy and support during the walk.  In addition every Friday in October the members invited their co-workers to Rock pink and Fight the fight as we supported one of our members who is affected.

3 In Observance of World Service Day – a day set aside by Lions International when all clubs are invited to participate in service activities.  The Lions joined with the Salvation Army in serving a hot meal to the homeless in the city environs.  The Leos devoted their service activity to painting two classrooms at the Odsan combined School.

 This did not stop there as in April as part of their Anniversary celebrations the Leos embarked on a socks project at that school.  Each child in the kindergarten class was given a pair of socks and a book pack.    It is hoped that this activity will be an annual one and can be extended to other classes.

4 In observance of Diabetes Awareness month the two clubs joined with the St Lucia Diabetes and Hypertension Association in implementing activities for the month.  The Lions also joined with Cap Maison and the Community Nursing Service and held a screening session for the staff at that hotel.  

 The Leos on the other hand kept to the theme healthy living and Diabetes and held a socacise session with the students at a Pre-school.  This was to instil in the young one the important of keeping healthy; one significant activity held by both clubs was to rock blues every Friday in November to raise awareness of persons living with Diabetes.

5 The Leos joined with Leos throughout the world in observing International Leo Day on December 5.   

They organized a Leo Development day which saw them joining with the Hewannorra Plains Leo Club in a Team Building Workshop as will a social activities.  The Leos Annual Christmas Lunch was held in collaboration Consolidated foods and the First National Bank Sports Club. This year they were joined by the students of the confirmation class of the Bexon Catholic Church who participated as part of the Corporal works of mercy.  The Leos were pleased that they were able to provide that opportunity for the group.

6 The Lions brought Christmas cheer to the students of the La Resource Combined School.  The Principal indicated how grateful she was for this treat as in some instances the children would not have received a gift at Christmas.  

 The Lions also joined with Digicel in their Christmas make a Wish treat to the Boys of the Boys Training Center.  On Christmas day the Lions joined by family and friends shared a part of  Christmas lunch with the destitute in the Castries environs as well as the residents of St Lucy’s Home and  Corner Stone .

7 The Lions participated in the annual Schools observing Reading Month activities. This year the club invited a group of thirty students from the Lady Gordon Methodist School to a reading session with the Governor General.  The children spent about an hour reading to the Governor General who in turn read and questioned them on the subject areas.  This activity was thoroughly enjoyed by all who participated.

8. May   was significant for the two clubs, as on May 5 the club held a joint induction ceremony which saw Eight Lions being inducted into the Castries Lions and Six Leos into the Leo club of Castries.  This is a sign that we are well on our way to growing into 50 years of Lionism in  Saint Lucia and 100 years of Lionism.

9. In May also the Lions were represented at the Multiple District Convention held in Trinidad and Tobago.    At that Convention the club was awarded the award for supporting  the Leos as most of the activities conducted during the year were held jointly.

 Also  Lion Beatrice MacDonald  was recognized for her dedicated service to  Lionism in the club, the Zone, Region and District and was awarded the highest award in Lionism – Melvin Jones Fellow, an award named after our Founder Melvin Jones. We take this opportunity to Congratulate Lion Beatrice Mac Donald on this achievement.

As we begin our 49th year we implore Lions and Leos to continue to strive for excellence and as our International President has challenged us this year to find New  Mountains to climb.

We take this opportunity to thank the many individuals, organizations, corporate institutions and the general public for their continued support of our work in serving the less fortunate in our community.  
We look forward to your support as we celebrate 50 years of Lionism in Saint Lucia in 2017 and 100 years of Lionism in the world.

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