Saint Lucia observes Occupational Safety and Health Week

Press Release – Occupational Safety and Health Week, observed July 4 – 8, will draw attention to work-related stress and its impact. Saint Lucia observes Occupational Safety and Health Week (OSH) this week, under the theme “Workplace Stress: A Collective Challenge.”

The week of activities will be hosted by the Ministry of the Public Service in collaboration with public and private sector partners, and will seek to draw attention to current global trends on work-related stress and its impact.

Bomb threat simulation exercises, a fitness session, and seminars are some of the activities planned in observance of OSH 2016.

The highlight of the observance will be a health fair on Thursday, July 7, at the Greaham Louisy Administrative Car Par from 9 a.m. -3 p.m. The general public is encouraged to take advantage of the myriad services to be provided at the fair such as: blood sugar and blood pressure screening, visual and dental screening, hearing test, rapid AIDS test, influenza vaccinations and nutritional consultation among others.

“In recent years, there has been growing attention to the impact of psychosocial risks and work-related stress among researchers, practitioners and policymakers,” the International Labor Organization states. “Work-related stress is now generally acknowledged as global issue affecting all countries, all professions and all workers both in developed and developing countries.”

Occupational Safety and Health Week will be observed in Saint Lucia from July 4 – 8.