King cites need to review labour code

Labour Minister, Stephenson King has said that based on his own knowledge and experiences he has heard of, he is convinced of the need for a further review of the labour code.

King said such a review would address some of the many issues affecting employers, employees and the government.

“We cannot conclude that the labour code has addressed all of the issues as far as workers are concerned,” the former Saint Lucia Prime Minister asserted.

He said a conclusion cannot be reached that the code has addressed all of the issues employers are concerned about.

King asserted that this country should be concerned about issues such as work ethics, efficiency, productivity and where the Island is heading in an environment where the government speaks of growth, development and job creation.

“We must also be concerned about the potential for manipulation of the articles of the labour code,” he noted.

King disclosed that he had instructed the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Labour to proceed immediately to appeal to the International Labour Organization (ILO), for some level of dialogue.

He revealed that the ILO had responded with some level of efficiency and very promptly, agreeing to visit Saint Lucia and start a discussion.

King said that through the ILO Trinidad office, the ILO Employment and Labour Market Specialist will be visiting Saint Lucia on July 13 to begin ddressing and focusing on three main areas.

The Labour Minister outlined those areas as being development of a website for the Labour Department, a study on child labour in Saint Lucia and the establishment of a labour market  information system.