Police trying to prevent resurgence of gun violence

The Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) is working to prevent a resurgence of gun violence.

Superintendent George Nicholas who is in charge of crime made the disclosure in the aftermath of the recent shooting death of Sean Lewis, alias ‘Gunplay’.

‘Gunplay’ was shot multiple times at Bois D’Orange in an apparent drive by incident.

Superintendent Nicholas told the Times that based on information obtained by the police, the incident is not gang related.

“The victim may have been associating with a particular group,” he said.

The Police official did not go into details.

According to Nicholas, generally when there is a gang related shooting the police would anticipate a retaliation and would put measures in place to stem it.

He told the Times that the police believe the ‘Gunplay’ slaying is an isolated incident.

Nicholas said while it was not thought to be gang related, the police are still doing what they can to prevent a retaliation or a resurgence of gun violence.

He revealed that investigations are still at the preliminary stage.

“We are following every lead but there is not sufficient evidence yet to zero in on any particular individual or group, but we are pursuing the matter relentlessly,” Nicholas explained.

He disclosed that based on investigations so far, the shooting appeared to have involved handguns.

“As to whether they were adapted to have capacity to fire semi-automatically we are not sure but it appears to have been handguns, “Nicholas said.

He observed that it was difficult to control the flow of illegal guns into Saint Lucia, asserting that the borders are porous.

“Any point along the coast is a point of entry,” the senior police officer declared, noting that the guns that come into the country are associated with the trade in illegal drugs.

Nicholas indicated that cooperation from members of the public in getting information about the illegal weapons was one key way in helping to get the guns off the streets.