758 Naturals calls on St. Lucian’s to join the movement

758 Naturals, a local hair group on Facebook which focuses on women and men who sport their Natural hair, is calling on St. Lucian’s to join the movement. According to the group’s page, ‘Trasitioners’ i.e. persons in the process of growing out their chemically straightened hair, as well as those who wear dread locks, are also welcomed to the group.  There, persons can find much needed information on the different hair types, what works best for it and recommended products that can be found in St. Lucia.

Creator of the group, Liz- Anne De Beauvile said in a statement, “We’ve spent far too many years in the dark when it comes to knowing how to properly manage natural hair, especially the afro tresses. The time has come for us to love our God-given hair.”

Since its unofficial launch in October last year, the group completed four photo shoots. They included a beach theme in Rodeny Bay, Gros Islet, Nobel Laureate Week, Valentines’ Day, and St. Lucia’s Independence.

758 Naturals members Jada Joseph, Kimberly Alfred, Faydra Stanislus, Lester Joseph, Trevlan Dwarikasingh and Sant Justin wore apparel which featured St. Lucia’s Nobel Prize winners Sir William Arthur Lewis, and Sir Derek Walcott. The t-shirts were designed by Swagga Shane, creator of the brand “IamLucian”.

Group photographer and co-manager of 758 Naturals, Ms Sydel Charles said in an interview on Wednesday, “Although slowly persons are gravitating to natural hair, there’s still a stigma attached to it. I still don’t think people have the appreciation, and have accepted natural hair as they should have.”

Ms Charles went on to add that she believes forums like 758 Naturals can help to change the way people think about their hair, as it provides an atmosphere to share their challenges, and receive advice.

Here’s a look at some photos from our various shoots.

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758 naturals Aarah Harris and Jada Marie-Smith

758 Naturals Aarah Harris and Jada Marie-Smith

758 Naturals Crystal Monchery

758 Naturals Crystal Monchery

758 Naturals Kimberly Alfred and Sant Justin

758 Naturals Kimberly Alfred and Sant Justin