Forum on “The Family as a School of Love and Peace”

Why is the family so important?

Very simply because it is the place where children are born and raised. God’s children are born on the earth through families.  How these children are raised will determine for a big part how much they will succeed in the society and stand as God’s children.

The Universal Peace Federation and the Family Federation for world Peace held a special forum on the family with the theme “The Family as a School of Love and Peace” on Sunday 3rd July 2016 at the UPF office in Sunny Acres, Castries.

The participants reflected on the various relationships found in the family. They found 4 basic relationships.

The first relationship is the relationship of the children toward their parents:

During their childhood and as they grow, children learn to respect and obey their parents. Once they practice it at home, they will practice it in their relationships outside of the family. For example at school, they will naturally respect and obey their teachers. They will naturally learn to respect any person older than them. Later on in life, at work, they will respect and follow the directives of their boss or supervisor. Usually,  they will be reliable and conscientious workers. As citizens, they will have natural respect for the government. And most of all they will naturally learn to respect and love the oldest grandfather: God

The second relationship is the relationship of parents toward their children. Some qualities of parental love are: unconditional, responsible, caring, patient, etc…

The love of a teacher for her students is similar to the love of a parent for her children; the same for the love of a boss or supervisor toward his employees.

A child whose parents are good role models stand a better chance to become a good teacher, a good nurse or a good supervisor. They probably will be better parents too.

The third relationship is the relationship of brothers and sisters in the family.

Under the love and example of their parents, siblings learn to respect and care for each other; they also learn to resolve conflicts and to discuss and negotiate situations peacefully among themselves.

At school they will be sociable children who can relate well with others. They will be good team mates in sport clubs. Later on, they will have good relationships with their work colleagues.

The fourth relationship is the relationship between husband and wife.

By seeing how their parents treat each other they learn how to deal with the opposite sex and they learn about conjugal love. A girl learns to treat a prospective fiancé from the way she sees her mother treating her father. A girl often will look to marry someone who has similar qualities as her father. A boy will learn how to treat and respect girls from the way he sees his father treating his mother.

Unfortunately, many children grow with parents quarrelling at home or in a single parent home and cannot learn properly about this vital and important relationship.

The participants realized that if parents were good role models, the children would naturally acquire at home all the soft and coping skills they need to succeed in life and form solid families.

The next forum of discussion  will take a closer look at the reasons why the relationship man-woman (husband –wife) is so difficult to maintain.  Everyone is welcome.

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