Mary Francis defends US insistence on human rights

Human Rights Activist, Mary Francis, has defended the right of the United States to call Saint Lucia to account over the actions of police officers here, saying that the US helps to fund local law enforcement.

“Why don’t we say ‘take your money and keep your mouth closed? ’”Francis said.

She asserted that Saint Lucia cannot want to have its cake and eat it as well.

Francis declared that if this country wants to receive US money, the police, who are beneficiaries of American funded training, must act professionally.

“It is American tax dollars,” she asserted, adding that the US has every right to speak out because its training is tied to human rights.

The Attorney at Law said that the US has no obligation to give Saint Lucia or any other Third World country money.

She told the Times that the US is doing so to help this country as a superpower that has to maintain its position in the world.

Francis observed that police training provided by the European Union is also tied to human rights.

The Coordinator of the National Centre for Legal Aid and Human Rights spoke on the heels of fatal police shootings of black civilians in the United States.

Some public comments have accused the US of double standards in calling Saint Lucia to account for fatal police shootings between 2010 and 2011, while the same situation is occurring on its own soil.

Mary Francis has explained that when such situations occur in the US, news conferences are summoned to keep members of the public informed and independent investigations are launched immediately, unlike the case in Saint Lucia.

The US has withdrawn all forms of assistance to the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force over the alleged extrajudicial killings by local police.


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