Chastanet says US contributing to Caribbean crime

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet has been quoted by the Barbados Nation as criticizing the United States over serious crime in the Caribbean.

According to the publication, Chastanet referred to the US dumping thousands of criminal deportees on the Caribbean.

He asserted that many of the deportees have little relationship with their homeland.

In an exclusive interview with the Nation, the Saint Lucia Prime Minister described the situation as “horrific.”

He accused the US of dumping thousands of criminals on the doorsteps of small Islands, while at the same time slashing the funds it spends to beef up security in the region.

Chastanet’s comments came against the backdrop of a resurgence of gun violence in Saint Lucia.

In the latest incident, a man and a woman were wounded when a lone gunman opened fire on Chaussee Road on July 8, 2016.

According to information, the man appeared to have been the intended target while the woman was hit by stray bullets.

The Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) has had US assistance to it stopped as a result of alleged extrajudicial killings by police officers.

The twelve fatal shootings occurred between 2010 and 2011 during an anti-crime campaign dubbed – Operation Restore Confidence.

The killings were the subject of an investigation which produced a damning report on the police.

Excerpts of the report, read on national television in March 2015 by then Prime Minister, Doctor Kenny Anthony, said that police had a “death list”.

According to Anthony, the report also said that police staged fake encounters and planted weapons to justify their actions.

While in opposition, Chastanet’s United Workers Party (UWP) promised that it would announce the terms of reference of an independent tribunal to deal with the matter.

The UWP said that the announcement would come during its first one hundred days in office.