Phases releases debut single entitled ‘We Like It’

The Phases Band, who hails from Vieux Fort, is pleased to announce the release of its debut single, We Like It, a soca, which with most of the instruments recorded live, represents a departure from the modern day practice where one sits at a computer and creates a riddim,  the composer need not be a musician,  knowledge of software and a library of sample loops are all what is required. Given the way We Like It was created, it is no wonder that the song is  filled with musical joy, and speaks of musical sophistication.  It’s a song with a great variety of sounds and verve,  its full of musical delights, and is anything but boring. We Like It is the marrying of kompa, cadence, soca, and latin to create a memorable soca. It’s music that is equally at home in a jazz festival or in a soca jam.  It’s a song destined to be a classic, a song that composers will visit repeatedly for compositional ideas. It is a musician joy and a fan delight.  

We Like It was recorded at Jako Studios, engineered by Marlon Florent, and conceived and composed by Wayne Benoit, Phases bandleader, lead guitarist, and one of four of its lead vocalists. Originally from Dominica, Wayne is a veteran musician who has been performing with bands since in his late teens. He has performed with South Tent, Midnight Groovers and First Serenade with whom he toured the UK and the Virgin Islands.  

Phases is a five-piece band with four lead singers (three of whom play instruments) that plays most genres of popular music including reggae, soca, R&B, sentimental, POP, Jazz, and Country & Western.  Besides performing at hotels, the band has performed at such events as Creative Industries Micoud Bon Tan, Assou Square in Castries,  St. Lucia  Independence Day Celebrations, Friday Night Gros Islet, Jazz a La Chaudiere, and Jazz Finale. Wherever Phases performs the audience can’t get enough of them; people, no matter their age, are compelled to dance. Phases have made gown men weep, and at Micoud Bon Tan, which is right next to a cemetery, they were accused of raising the dead.

According to Wayne Benoit, the release of We Like It marks a shift in Phases’ orientation. The band, he said,  has shifted from being just a cover band to recording and performing original music, thus giving itself the chance of touring the Caribbean and beyond. He said that the album in the making of which We Like It is just the first song, will include soca, reggae, Latin, folk, R&B, zouk, and jazz, thus reflecting the band’s eclectic repertoire and musical orientation. He went further to say  that with his Dominican musical sensibilities mixed with St. Lucian and other musical expressions, Phases may well be coming up with its own musical twists,  We Like It being one such example.