UWP and SLP supporters converge outside parliament

United Workers Party (UWP) and Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) supporters converged near parliament this morning, to show their support for their parties.

The police kept the peace as the two sides chanted at each other.

The UWP supporters at one point chanted in kweyol “Yo pere”, which translates to – “They are afraid.”

The SLP supporters chanted back that they were not afraid.

uwp-slu-supportersThe action took place as MP’s from both parties arrived for the first session of parliament since the June 6, 2016 general elections.

The elections were won by the UWP by a margin of 11-6.

Yesterday Prime Minister Allen Chastanet, looking forward to the session of parliament today, said it was an exciting time.

“Obviously it is a new agenda, the people of the country have spoken – have given our party a mandate which we intend to fulfill,” he said.

He described the parliamentary session as the beginning of the implementation of the mandate.

Chastanet said while his administration will not be seeking additional funds, it intends a review of the allocation of the funds.

He disclosed that he had asked various government ministries to review current appropriation allocations.

According to Chastanet, this may require a shifting of resources from one ministry or statutory body to another.

Opposition leader,Philip J.Pierre for his part told a news conference yesterday that the SLP was eagerly looking forward to the formal opening of parliament.

He said the SLP noted with some degree of concern, that a full month had elapsed since the last election and nothing had been heard formally about the legislative agenda which the government hopes to pursue in the new parliament.

SLP general secretary Leo Clarke told reporters that the SLP supporters had come to cheer on their “high quality” elected MPs.