Antigua: Church leader not opposed to legalizing ganja

Antigua Observer:-An apostle from Bethesda Pentecostal Church has opted not to outrightly oppose legalisation of marijuana but has instead criticised churches for being too “reactive” on the question.

Apostle Linton Mutley also criticised the religious organisations for not having an agenda of their own to tackle “over indulgence” of the illegal substance.

“The question should be whether or not it being on the books is helping, whether it is curbing it and what the Church is actually doing.”

“I find the church to be very reactive. When something happens – when somebody tries to be proactive to curb a situation (or) a social decay, the Church has a tendency of being reactive without itself having an agenda or taking the initiative in doing what needs to be done,” Mutley said yesterday on OBSERVER AM.

When asked whether use and possession of marijuana should be decriminalized, the religious leader said his view was that issue should be determined by the question, “If we leave it on the books, will it help? If we take it off, will it not help?”

Mutley argued that there is a need for “certain research to be done regarding that” and stated that in his view, the Christian God (Jehovah) “created everything and there is a purpose for creating it (marijuana)”.