BCCC sees bright future for Caribbean tourism despite ‘Brexit’

The British Caribbean Chamber of Commerce (BCCC) has asserted that Caribbean tourism will continue to have a bright future, despite the ‘Brexit’ vote.

The chamber made the assertion today in a statement welcoming the announcement that The Right Honourable Theresa May, will assume the office of Prime Minister of the United Kingdom on Wednesday evening.

The BCC has observed that Mrs.May has made an unequivocal statement, for the avoidance of doubt, that her policy is that “BREXIT means BREXIT”.

“She has indicated that she will negotiate a fair arrangement for both the United Kingdom and the European Union, recognizing the outcome of the Referendum in Britain last month,” the BCCC statement noted,

It said the UK now has stable leadership with a strong message and a clear mandate for a properly negotiated and well-ordered exit from the political structures of the European Union.

The Chamber stated that as well as challenges, new opportunities lie ahead for traditional trading partners in the Caribbean, with whom there are long-standing and historic links.

The BCCC said it is looking forward to working with business and political leaders in the region in determining these.

It observed that the caution of OECS regional leaders in assessing what significant changes in the European political structure may mean in terms of the short, medium and long-term is understandable.

But the Chamber expressed confidence that it is within the grasp of European governments to embrace the challenge of BREXIT in a well ordered manner, with no reason for any to take a pessimistic view of the future.

“Our essential message is that Britain is not going away and British tourists will continue to see the Caribbean as an attractive and desirable destination,” the BCCC declared.

It noted that it is the essential quality of the Caribbean tourist industry, based on targeting those with higher than average disposable incomes, which is its greatest strength.