‘Brexit’ vote – GG says Governments must listen

Governor General, Dame Pearlette Louisy, has said that one lesson to be learned from the ‘Brexit’ vote, is that governments must listen to their citizens.

“If this had happened the outcome could have been very different,” Dame Pearlette said of the vote by citizens of the UK to exit the European Union.

She asserted that her government will be one that listens.

Delivering the throne speech to parliament yesterday, the Governor General observed that the full extent of the effects of the ‘Brexit’ vote vote will only become evident with an awareness of what the new relationship between the UK and the European Union will be.

However she told parliament that the vote has clearly begun to have an impact.

Dame Pearlette observed that the slide in the value of the pound sterling is making it more expensive for British tourists to visit the Caribbean.

She noted that it was also impacting negatively on remittances that flow to the Caribbean, by reducing the level of pension for those returning nationals who have come back to Saint Lucia after spending most of their working lives in the UK.

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  1. 666
    July 13, 2016 at 8:21 pm

    I think the UK will turn it’s attention on the Commonwealth Realms, where She will be a leader once more and not just another drop of water in the ocean.

    How can you come from being an empire where the sun never sets, to being dictated by the same countries who wanted to obliterate you in two world wars? Why did so many from the empire fought and died for you? Make Britain Great again!