1st Annual Arbitration Conference

PRESS RELEASE:-The Dispute Resolution Association (DRA) was created in November 2013 to promote the use of alternative dispute resolution in St. Lucia.  Information about its objectives and initiatives can be found on DRA’s website: www.drastlucia.org

On 11th July 2014, DRA indicated its intention to introduce its new Fast Track Arbitration Panel.  

The Panel will provide arbitration services for contractual disputes up to EC$250,000 or disputes which are relatively simple in nature.

 The DRA anticipates launching the Panel in January 2017.   Persons with the relevant qualifications are invited to submit applications on or before 30th September 2016.  

Applications forms can be found on the DRA’s website at http://www.drastlucia.org/index.php/join-us/application-form-for-arbitrators .  

We appreciate that there may be professionals who are keen to become arbitrators but do not have any legal or arbitration experience.

To address this issue, we will be running a shadow programme which will qualify persons without the necessary experience to serve as arbitrators on the Panel.

The shadow programme consists of two phases, namely the completion of the training course and the shadowing of a qualified arbitrator on the Panel.

The first training course for persons without legal or arbitration experience will be held in September and October 2016. Persons interested are invited to contact the DRA at info@drastlucia.org for more information.

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