Deputy Speaker issue: Government disappointed in opposition

The government of Saint Lucia has expressed disappointment in the opposition, over the nomination of a Deputy Speaker of the House of Assembly.

When a new session of parliament convened this week, no nominations were forthcoming even though House Speaker, Leonne Theodore-John, issued three invitations.

Prime Minister, Allen Chastanet, proposed a ten minute adjournment to confer with the leader of the opposition.

When the house reconvened, Castries Central MP, Sarah Flood-Beaubrun was nominated and elected.

Chastanet’s Attache, Nancy Charles, told the Times that the new government is willing to work with the opposition to build a better for all Saint Lucians.

She explained that the government side was hoping that there would be partnership and cooperation.

“We were hoping that the opposition would have cooperated and appointed a Deputy Speaker so that they would be more fully involved in the process, especially in parliament,” Charles said.

She recalled that it was the choice of the opposition not to appoint a Deputy Speaker.

However Charles said she hopes Saint Lucians understand that the government is reaching out to the opposition and wants a partnership where all MPs participate in the process of parliament.

“I think they took a party position not to elect a Deputy Speaker and so we elected one,” she noted.

Charles told the Times that the government was very disappointed, although it had heard the pronouncements of the opposition leader  that the Labour Party would not have elected a Deputy Speaker.

“We were hoping that they would change their minds and would have seen that it was the better and grown up thing to do,” the Prime Minister’s Attache asserted.

She said:

“We have to stop this pettiness; we have to stop this tit for tat – we have to be looking at the development of Saint Lucia first and foremost rather than ourselves and party politics.”


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