Rowan Seon: Lewd revelers giving Carnival a bad name

Rowan Seon, veteran Calypso writer and Carnival judge, is unhappy with the way that some people behave during Carnival.

“Carnival can be a beautiful thing,” Seon told the Times.

But he asserted that he feels quite strongly that some people are giving Carnival a bad name.

Seon had made similar comments last night during the DBS Television programme – Newsmaker Live, with Journalist – Timothy Poleon.

“Carnival is not lewdness,” he declared, adding that the problem of vulgar behavior is restricted to just a few people.

Rowan Seon noted that some band leaders have taken steps to caution members who get out of line.

“We have women and men who would bend over – this 6:30 thing in front of a camera and expose all kinds of things. That is not necessary. You can enjoy carnival without doing that,” he noted.

Seon seemed to suggest that media coverage may contribute to the sordid actions of carnival revelers.

He observed that some wait until television cameras are focused on them to begin performing their lewd antics.

According to the veteran Calypso Writer and Carnival Judge, during coverage of international cricket, at times there are ‘streakers’  – persons who run across the field naked.

Seon said:

“Do you know the Producers take a decision not to focus the cameras on these people?”

He asserted that the Producers take such action so as not to encourage others and declare that cricket is not about such behavior.

Seon said there was no need to focus on men and women who are bending over and spreading their legs.

“That’s not carnival; that’s nonsense,” he declared.