Shooting on Chaussee Road

Police are investigating reports of a shooting incident on Chaussee Road today.

Details are sketchy.

However the Times has learnt that a man described as a Security Guard was hit by bullets.

It is reported that he was wearing a bullet proof vest at the time.

One passerby reported hearing at least seven gunshots.

According to reports, after he was shot, the male individual collapsed to the ground.

It is reported that he was later taken to hospital.

The incident occurred some time before 2:00pm near the Castries Health Centre, it is reported.

The latest incident comes amid mounting concern about a resurgence of gun violence.

Just recently in the same area a man and a woman were wounded when a lone gunman opened fire.

It was reported that the man was the intended target while the woman was hit by stray bullets.

Both were hospitalized.