Mother says: Chopping victim alive

Catherine Clermont, the mother of chopping victim, Oliver Willie, has told the Times that her son is alive, contrary to reports she has heard.

Clermont explained that she rushed down to Victoria Hospital this morning after hearing the news and discovered to her relief, that Willie was alive.

The thirty-four year old former Security Guard was chopped by another man on Wednesday night.

oliver-willieThe incident occurred near the Castries market, the mother told the Times.

“I saw my son with all the bandages, his eyes blocked, his fingers, his two arms and the back got some cutlass blows,” Clermont disclosed.

“The eye – he doesn’t have an eye – the eye is damaged,” the mother told the Times, adding that three of her son’s fingers were severed.

Clermont said she was informed that her son’s skull was fractured.

She revealed that her son is able to converse.

According to her, she heard that her son was on the phone to someone when he was attacked by a known individual, with whom he has had disagreements in the past.

Clermont said she could not comment on her son’s medical prospects, but asserted that he is crippled for sure.

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